On Wednesday night, Ryan Seacrest hinted that this week's American Idol results show would feature a twist.  However, as WBKR's Idol expert Steve Thompson explains . . . it wasn't must of a "twist' at all.

Idol Chatter from this morning's edition of The WBKR Waking Crew.  LISTEN!

From Steve Thompson:

Not a whole lot to talk about after tonight's program.  As was suspected by everyone from Nostradamus to yours truly, no one was sent home tonight.  We get yet another week of these four girls and the four judges who are in dire need of a federal investigation.  Evidently, based on this past Wednesday's show, FOX donated all their brains to science.

That said, nice job America!  You had Angie and Kree in the top two even though the judges tried their best to throw Kree under the bus.  (If Kree had been in the bottom two, I would've said she had been Reinharted.)  Candice and Amber in the bottom two made sense to me as well.  Candice had one of her weakest nights yet and Amber has been near the bottom for several weeks in a row.

For those of you that missed this news item, next week's themes are Standards and Songs from 2013.  Or as Seacrest succinctly put it-- Now and Then.
Four months of 2013 music could be interesting.  Frankly, with these four voices I suspect even Standards to be worth a listen.

We'll see, won't we?

@April 25, 2013   Stephen W Thompson