Candice Glover has gotten confetti-bombed big time.  Last night, when she was crowned American Idol champion, Candice belted out her single "I Am Beautiful" with streamers wrapped around her head and pieces of confetti in her mouth.  WBKR's Idol expert, Steve Thompson, was tuned in for the coronation and shares his thought about the the champ and the season that was . . .

Idol Chatter from The WBKR Waking Crew:

From Steve Thompson:

I seriously think that Angie, Kree, Amber, Janelle and Candice all have excellent opportunities at their disposal for careers.  As always, much will depend on how much Interscope wants to get behind them as artists.  I would imagine that Janelle and Kree have doors opening for them in Nashville even as I type this on my laptop.  Amber is a bit of a puzzle.  I currently don't see her as an artist with the same kind of range as Candice-- but then I wasn't too sure about Jessica Sanchez having any success over the past year.

What we discovered tonight was that Angie can actually sing with sass and not sound like a robotic beauty pageant contestant.

Kree seemed to have more polish and punch in her performances tonight as well.  Perhaps she knew that the competition was over and there was no more pressure.

Candice can certainly sing.  The challenge would seem to be to discover if the music folks can find a way to make Candice sound like Candice and not resort to making her into the American Adele.  We already have one Adele-- there's no need to send in the clones.

So in the year of Idol 2014, let it be written that the Dawg and the Loudmouth will be no longer with us.  Only three judges this coming year-- so say the rumormongers.  I think if they keep Keith Urban and find two other musicians/producers who are not #inittowinit or prone to give contestants stupid nicknames. this show might get back to basics.

Still waiting for The Voice and The X Factor to have a superstar come out of the competitions.  Pentatonix qualifies from The Sing-Off (which might be why NBC is bringing that show back.)  So far, we've not been that impressed.

I guess we'll see.  Reality shows are starting to die on the vine, so anything FOX does to keep milking their main cash cow will be looked upon with more than just a passing interest.

@May 16, 2013   Stephen W Thompson