On Flag Day in 2008, a team of runners participated in the first Run for the Fallen. They ran 4,100 miles across the country, from Fort Irwin, CA to Arlington National Cemetery, one mile for every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine killed since the War on Terror began. 

The Honor and Remember flag was introduced on Memorial Day that same year. In 2014, both organizations merged to create a great impact and to consistently grow the mission. For the tenth anniversary, the run now honors nearly 20,000 who have fallen. The run, which started on April 7th, takes 120 days and it will make its way through Owensboro this Saturday.

HERE is information on how the run works.

Saturday will be Day 85 and the runners will at the Charles E. Shelton Memorial downtown at 6:00 p.m. On Day 86/Sunday, the runners will make their way into Muhlenberg Co, then Day 87 on Monday, the runners will arrive at Ft. Campbell.

The Run for the Fallen will reach its final destination, Arlington National Cemetery, on August 5th. You can keep up with the route, see pictures and video, on the Run for the Fallen website.

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