It's not one that would have jumped to mind or as Ray Stanz (Dan Ackroyd) says right before the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man starts to trample through Manhattan in Ghostbusters, "It just popped in there."

According to the website Decluttr, Kentucky's favorite emoji is the ice cream cone. No, not poop thank goodness. Here's where poop and many of your other favorites landed, no pun intended.


Okay, oops, it cut off Alaska's which is the normal laughing face and Hawaii's is the crown. I personally prefer the laughing hard, tears face. Illinois is keeping it a 100 while our neighbors across the river in Indiana are also ice cream lovers.

I thought Georgia's would be a peach, nope, an apple?!? Who even uses the apple one? It looks like New Hampshire and Kansas have some angry folks.

What's the emoji you use the most?

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