Angel here!  Today Whitesville Elementary School hosted a Career Day and invited different individuals from the community to speak to their students.  It was a blast!

Let me just first say the students and staff at WES are AMAZING!  I was greeted by two polite young ladies and then escorted into the Media Center by two handsome young gentlemen and their AWESOME Principal, Tricia Murphy!

Angel Welsh

I had a great experience talking with a young lady by the name of Jaci Sanders.  She came right up to me introduced herself, shook my hand, and told me she was the Leader of the Week in her Kindergarten Class.  This girl is going to do big things!  She even listens to Chad and I in the mornings :)

We were all then introduced to the whole school in the gym.  I felt super special!

I spoke to students in the 3rd grade.  We went to Mrs. Doughty's room.  She is the Instructional Coach for WES.  The kids were awesome.  They were attentive, asked great questions, and laughed at all my jokes LOL!  Most importantly I my message centered on the students starting right now to "Build Their Brand."  I told them how important it was that planning their future started now and that meant putting the building blocks on how people viewed them in school, communications, friendships, and more.

This is the kids raising their hands to tell me they ALL listen to WBKR!

Career Day was so fun.  I hope I am asked to attend again.  We love getting out in the community and being a part of the lives of these kids and their teachers.

Thanks so much for having me Whitesville Elementary School!  YOU ALL ROCK!

P.S.  The students had a special message for Chad too :)

I really feel like I was good influence on them all!