Yesterday, Angel shared photos of her brand new hat on Facebook.  As soon as I saw the pics, I realized that I had seen that hat somewhere before.  I mean, there's no doubt it's stylish.  Look at her!

Angel Welsh/Facebook
Angel Welsh/Facebook

But something about that hat rang a bell for me.  I just knew I had seen it somewhere before.  I racked my brain trying to connect the dots.  And, then, it me!

She looks like Klondike Kat!!  Remember Klondike?

See??!!!!!!!  I told you.  I told you I had seen that hat somewhere before.  It's the same style of hat that Klondike Kat wore in the cartoons.  Ya'll remember Klondike Kat, right?  He was the cartoon cat who, in every episode, pursued Savoir-Faire, that annoying food-stealing mouse who always said, "Savoir-Faire is EVERYWHERE!"

Look at this!  They're dead ringers for each other!  Angel could be a member of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

vladimirvladislovvladivostok GAMING Roblox 420 via YouTube/Angel Welsh
vladimirvladislovvladivostok GAMING Roblox 420
via YouTube/Angel Welsh

Klondike Kat was originally produced by Total Television and found a U.S. audience in cartoons like Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo.  When I was a kid, I loved both of those cartoons, so I have long been familiar with Klondike Kat, who always gets his mouse!

That's how I ultimately knew who Angel's new hat makes her look like.

By the way, Angel shared her first photos of the hat Sunday afternoon and the response from her friends was immediate.

Misty Lyn Berry wrote- Girl, you can wear anything! (Even Klondike Kat's sloppy seconds).

Connie Shear said- Only certain faces can wear hats. I suppose Connie was trying to be nice, but that's like saying, "Only certain noses can pull off a booger."

Our former WBKR intern El'egance Shemwell said- Angel in a hat is a LOOK!  El works as a reporter now and that's her politically correct way of saying, "New at 10!  A local radio star has a bird on her head."

Gaynelle Austin gave Angel a rather back-handed compliment as well.  She wrote- I've been trying to find one, but just haven't found one I love. Translated, I think Gaynelle was saying, "I'd rather wear a tarp or plastic dog doo on my head."

Teresa Richeson wrote Smoking!  But I think that was her way of suggesting, in a subtle manner, that Angel take off Klondike Kat's hat and throw it in a bonfire.

And, finally, Melanie Nave wrote- Super cute, but not as cute as your heart.  In other words, I hope you enjoy your title as Miss Congeniality because you're getting a pizza party instead of a crown.

So, come on!  Tell the truth.  Doesn't Angel look a little like Klondike Kat?

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