Dr. Laura Richey, who for 10-and-a-half years worked at Kentuckiana Animal Clinic here in Owensboro, em"bark"ed on a brand new endeavor two years ago.  The Grandview, Indiana veterinarian launched a mobile service called Animal House.  And, yep!  She's been making house calls in southern Indiana since that time.  But, at the start of 2019, Dr. Richey will be expanding her service into Owensboro.


Animal House will begin rolling into the Owensboro area on Thursday, January 3rd.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Richey is already accepting appointments for 2019.  Here's her intended schedule of service:

On Mondays, Dr. Richey will have Animal House in the Spencer County area. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Animal House will be scheduling appointments in Owensboro.  Wednesdays you'll find Animal House serving pets in the Evansville area.  On Fridays, Dr. Richey will be back in Spencer County.

If you'd like to to make your furry friends an appointment, there are several ways to do it.  You can call 812-499-5800.  Or you can contact Dr. Richey via Facebook or through the Animal House website.


Animal House offers a wide variety of veterinary services: wellness care (vaccines, heartworm testing, etc ), x-rays, blood work, dental cleanings, and basic surgeries like spays and neuters.  Just this week, I had Dolly at Animal House for a minor surgery and some lab work (she's doing very well, by the way).  Dr. Richey and her vet tech Dana Brown are amazing.

I have been taking my pets to see Dr. Richey for years and the convenience of her Animal House mobile service has been a game changer.   And, this January, pet owners in Owensboro are going to get to enjoy that convenience as well.