While hanging out at the lake Sunday, I asked my nephew the following question..."Why do you think the Marianas Trench strengthens my inability to totally discount Bigfoot?"


Some might think that's a head scratcher of an inquiry, but I know my nephew and he totally got it. He correctly responded that because of the depth of the Marianas Trench (just over 36,000 feet or around 7 miles), there must be creatures so far beneath the ocean's surface that they've never been identified because they are out of reach.

I believe the same can be said for the deepest most remote parts of jungles in South America, Africa, and Asia. And THAT'S why I can't completely write Bigfoot off. There are still LOTS of creatures that have yet to be discovered.

So when something happens--like the possible appearance of a creepy figure of myth of folklore--that can't immediately be explained. I launch my "Marianas Trench Theory."


In this case, we're talking about a mysterious figured spotted on a trail in Powell County, Kentucky. The video is brief, but they WERE trying to get away from it. I would, too.

And it may not be a CREATURE at all; it's standing on two legs and appears to be wearing some kind of long coat. Let's HOPE it's not a creature, anyway. If it is, that makes whatever it is ESPECIALLY creepy.

Vivian Hoffman shared the video and this image in a public group on Facebook.


While she was the target of some (unnecessary) derision for posting it, Gwen Liming was having none of it, and she explains why:

I noticed in the comments that some people think it’s a hoax. Well I am originally from those old hills in Kentucky. I have heard and seen a lot of things I couldn’t explain. I’ve heard the stories from the ole (sic) timers that would make a bald guys hair curl. But I’m telling you what. I dare you to go back in one of those holler’s (sic) night or day and you will be scared to death. Specially (sic) just a couple of kids alone. If you look closer at the pic if you look close enough “the thing” looks as if you can see through it. Don’t make fun of what you don’t know. U never know when it could happen to you.

And Hollis Haskins jumps in with pretty much what I was saying earlier in this story:

Those who are quick to yell that it's fake have no earthly idea what awaits out there in those dark hollers. Earth holds many, many, unexplained mysteries. I know from experience that there are apparitions In KY, and other states as well. So my theory is to, Never say never.

Trinity Paige said that it looks like a skinwalker, then followed with a laugh emoji. So I'm gathering she was kidding. And since I've seen a number of DIFFERENT images labeled skinwalkers, I'm going to have to go with NO on that suggestion, as well.


And what we see in this Skinwalker Ranch documentary series kind of bears that out.


So who knows what those kids saw? I think it's creepy, too. Maybe it "escaped" from Powell County's Nada Tunnel, long rumored to be haunted.

SgtMarkins, who posted this, gets to the tunnel at the 3:25 mark.

You heard what he said. He could have sworn there was a bike (motorcycle?) behind him.

We may never know who or what that creepy figure is from Powell County. Let's hope he or she likes to keep their distance, in case it IS something about which folks in that part of Kentucky need to be concerned.

Scariest Ghost Town In KY Has A Truly Terrifying Past And Can’t Be Found On A Map

The month of October fills me with even more passion for abandoned and haunted places and things. I love to research legends, folklore, and stories from all over the world, but especially right here in Kentucky. Some of the stories are pure legend with no real facts to back them up. But, I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

One such legend involves a small town, a murdering teacher, and mysterious disappearances that went on for decades. This is what I learned about the legend of Elsewhere, KY.

A construction worker and journalist, by the name of Seamus Coffey, was volunteering at a Senior Citizen’s center and he met a man named, Earl. The gentleman was about 80 years old and told him a story of something that happened in Elsewhere. KY.

"When I was a boy, my pa’ and I went to the Elsewhere General Store to get some rock candy and chicken feed. I stood outside while pa’ talked to Mrs. Ellison the shopkeep. Pa’ loaded the feed into the truck and handed me the candy. Right about then, there was this loud scream from the schoolhouse. I don’t know right well what happened ’cause pa” told me to stay in the truck, but after that we never went back to Elsewhere."

"When I was a few years older, I went back there with some friends. We were just dumb kids foolin’ around. My friend Jason went inside the schoolhouse and I never saw him again. We spent the rest of the day looking for him and later the police did a search but found nothing. Shortly after that the county disconnected Elsewhere road from HWY 280. It’s been about 60 years and you’re the first person to mention the place in half a century, son."

After that, Seamus started searching for any information he could find about Elsewhere. He found an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal. The article covered a story about Elsewhere being abandoned for health and safety reasons. It was dated April 2nd, 1953. The article also gave him a piece of the puzzle that was missing, the exact location of Elsewhere. The town was located two miles north of New Concord (KY) just off of HWY 280. So, of course, he had to go there for himself.

This is the terrifying story of what he found in Elsewhere.

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