When I was a kid, I spent endless amounts of hours on the baseball fields at Thruston Elementary.  That's pretty much how my friends and I spent our childhoods.  And, when we weren't playing actual t-ball, minor or little league games on the fields, we were playing pop games off the field too.  There were many nights at the playground that we played "cup" ball.  Did you do that?   We would get a cup from the concession stand and crush it into the shape of a ball.  Then, we'd play Cup Ball. I realize it doesn't sound particularly thrilling, but it was a blast.

We also played and loved Wiffle Ball, which was basically baseball with plastic bats and balls.  While I'll admit that it stung like crap when we got clocked in the leg or the arm with the wiffle ball, it was so much fun.  Remember??  In wiffle ball (at least when we played), you could throw the ball at the runner.  If you hit 'em, they were out.

Now, I'm fully aware we didn't really play by official Wiffle Ball rules, here's a look at what a real game looks like, courtesy of some folks who have mastered pitching!

Well, as we announced a few weeks ago here at WBKR, the Apollo High School Baseball team is bringing back the sport and giving us a taste of ballpark nostalgia with a Wiffle Ball Tournament fundraiser out at Pleasant Grove Park.  My friend Jeff Jones is involved in the tournament and has hooked me up with some additional info about the event.

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The tournament is set for Friday, November 5th and Saturday, November 6th.  The fee is just $100 per team and proceeds will benefit the Apollo Baseball Team as they prepare for the upcoming season.

There are four different divisions available too: 13 & Under, 14 & Over, Coed, and Family.

Here are the the important rules to know about creating a team:

1) Minimum of 5 players, maximum of 7 players per team (all bat, 5 play in the field)

2) Age of oldest player on November 7th, 2021 determines your team’s age division.

3) Tournament Play, Blind Draw, 3 game guarantee

The tournament will be held at Pleasant Grove Park at 5664 Kentucky Highway 56.

If you have any further questions, you can email Jeff Johnson at jeffrjohnson4@gmail.com.




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