Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic completely altered the plans of the Senior Class of 2020.  Graduating seniors, like everyone else in school, spent their last few months of high school at home.  Sports were canceled.  Graduations and proms, both important rites of passage, were canceled or re-imagined.  Unfortunately, as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our communities and affect in-person instruction in our local schools, it looks as though the Class of 2021 may have the same same experience.

However, one local student has a very important message for her fellow seniors.  Natalie Estes, who's a senior at Apollo High School, just created and shared a video on YouTube.  It's an inspiring message to the Class of 2021. Take a look!

In the video, Natalie encourages her fellow seniors to keep their heads up.  Yes, they've spent most of the year at home instead of school.  Yes, they're separated from their friends and classmates.  But, as Natalie says, it's important to make the most of every single day.  She encourages them to keep their eyes on the future- to keep applying for scholarships and applying for college.  After all, it's going to be here before they know it!

Natalie has her plans set. She is a cross country and track commit to Brescia and will be starting in Fall to study Psychology.  She then plans to transfer to the University of Southern Indiana to get her degree in Occupational Therapy.

From the solitude of her at-home classroom, Natalie seems to have learned one of life's most important lessons- that we, ultimately, write our own story.  The power to make the most of every day lies within us.  Natalie's message to the Senior Class of 2021? Grab a pen and paper, get your laptop.  It's time to write.

Here's Natalie's interview from the WBKR morning show today:


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