A quick video that was making the rounds on social media Saturday night after Kentucky got creamed by Florida 88-66 featured a smiling, seemingly carefree and happy-go-lucky Malik Monk sitting on the bench while the score read Florida 83 Kentucky 64.

Well, take a look for yourself:

And if that doesn't stick around, here's the link.

So, have I been somewhat accurate in my cynicism this season? Trust me, I'm not tooting my own horn; I quit band in 5th grade.

But since that epic North Carolina game that Kentucky won 103-100 in which Malik Monk had 47 points, I feel like I've been noticing something I would classify as "not good."

It feels like Monk has come to expect the rest of the team to "let him do his thing" and hopefully that will turn into a win.

I believe it was during the Tennessee game--the 'Cats first conference loss--when I saw monk and Isaiah Briscoe kind of barking at each other. Not a good sign.

Are future one-and-done freshmen going to start regarding UK as a pitstop on their way to untold riches because they've become well aware of what playing for John Calipari means?

Is success in the post-season no longer important to these young but extraordinarily talented players?

What about John Calipari?

I've heard him allude to the fact that the last Thursday in June is among the reddest of red-letter days for him if he can see as many Kentucky players as possible have their names called in the NBA Draft.

I could load this blog with a ton of questions, because, right now, Kentucky is a huge mystery.

None of ANYTHING I've said is an answer.

I'm supposing.

EVERYONE is supposing. Maybe even Calipari himself.

This Kentucky team is incredibly talented, but getting WORSE. That's not what happens to good teams in February. It's always the other way around.

Aside from North Carolina, Monk disappears against the best opponents like Kansas, Florida, and Louisville.

On Saturday night, a team that ranks OUTSIDE the top 100 in rebounding margin, out-rebounded Kentucky by 22!

But as alarming as that statistic is, it PALES in comparison to what happened to UK in transition.

The 'Cats move at a blistering pace in transition, but got outscored by Florida 31-12 in fast breaks.

For the sake of comparison, Florida recently lost to South Carolina 57-53. That's how methodical the Gators tend to be.

So, who knows?

It's mystifying.

And so is the SEC's leading scorer sitting on the bench laughing and cutting up while his team is getting run out of the building.





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