Back in the saddle again, here comes Bob Wills and his crew along with Mr. Tommy Duncan and The Mckinney Sisters. I often recall in mind my grandparents dancing around the dining room with a Bob Wills record spinning like a big black flapjack on their massive wooden upholstered stereo. It was more a piece of furniture than a sound system with pointed pine legs jutting out beneath its massive girth. My grandparents have since passed but I still spin a Bob Wills record in the kitchen myself every now and then while the dinner is being prepared. The only thing that's changed is now the  kids dance around the kitchen with me and so the great black flapjack rolls on. The world may change but the sound of a good tune along with the rhythmic movements of the ones you love carries on. Even when a quick click of a mouse or your hands smooth maneuver across an iPod brings the sound waves about you. Enjoy this classic clip and don't be afraid to put your feet to the floor and do a little toe tapping.