This year's race for Owensboro City Commission is a crowded one.  There are twelve candidates competing for four available seats.  Late last week, a random drawing was held for ballot positions.  According to Daviess County Court Clerk Richard House, this was the outcome.

Minnesota Primary Voters Head To The Polls
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Owensboro City Commissioners:

  1. Larry Maglinger
  2. Mark McCoy
  3. Joseph Martin
  4. Jeff Sanford
  5. Rick Searcy
  6. Adam Marshall
  7. Charlie Shelton
  8. Larry Conder
  9. Pamela L. Smith-Wright
  10. Jay Velotta
  11. Maegan Hagan
  12. Andy Gamblin

There were also ballot positions drawn for races in the City of Whitesville.

Whitesville Mayor

  1. Patsy Mayfield
  2. Jennifer Wedding Hardesty

Whitesville City Commissioners:

  1. Greg Beyke
  2. Joseph “Buddy” Mattingly
  3. Joseph Beatty
  4. Shawn Trevor Crabtree
  5. Robert D. “Bob” Abell
  6. Clarence “Julian” Merritt

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th.


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