Who thought the phrase "let me take a selfie!" would apply to the democratic process? On November 8th, if you live in Kentucky, Indiana, or 17 other states, you have permission to take a selfie at the voting booth so you can totally face swap with your ballot.

I have to smack my head, and I also have to say "who cares?" They do care in the following states: Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and all of the south except for Louisiana, no selfies on Election Day. Most of the banned selfie states are battleground states, the ones that are crucial to win a presidential election. The grandparents in Florida will have to call you to tell you who they picked. Which by the way, my parents always told me I was supposed to keep whom I voted for a secret.

Right! Just so you know, the federal government ruled in a New Hampshire case, posting a voting booth photo is an act of free speech and it can't be banned. I can see the point of folks wanting to take selfies on this election day, even if it's just a trend. Life was much more simple when the "I Voted" sticker was all we had to worry about.

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