There are still PLENTY of great deals left.  Yes, Angel normally has a Bargain of the Week here on WBKR.  Today, she left it to me since she is on vacation.  But, naturally, she tipped me off before she rolled out of the studio and I'm pretty sure she tried to line up a surrogate shopper as well.

This HUGE multi-family sale is underway at 9035 Short Station Road in Philpot.  I can't even begin to list what they have for sale.  I suppose it's a great thing we have a bunch of pics.  Take a look!

Huge Multi-Family Yard Sale in Philpot

The sale got underway yesterday, but runs from 7am to 7pm today as well.  As Tonea Scarbrough, one of the organizers says, "We still have some awesome stuff left and we are wheeling and dealing. Come on out!!! Best offer on lots of things."

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