Like many of you, Steel Magnolias is a really special story to me. Iconic actors, fashions, and quotes that true fans use in every day conversations. I've gotta get a little sentimental really quick, please bear with me.

Laughter Through Tears is My Favorite Emotion

Fun fact, I once played Annelle in the stage version of Steel Magnolias. Just like Annelle, right before opening night, I found out I was pregnant with my son! I have such special memories with the other ladies in the show too. The actress who played Truvy is now my very best friend. We met at a salon practicing roller sets because we actually washed and styled hair on stage.

Steel Magnolias 35th Anniversary

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the movie release in 1989.  To celebrate, it is being shown in theatres again. Chad has everything you need to know in another story on our website today that you can read here.

Plan a Steel Magnolias Themed Party

I came across some ladies on Tiktok who totally understood the assignment when planning and executing a Steel Magnolias themed birthday party. I could see this being perfect for an engagement party, wedding shower, or even a baby shower.

My Colors Are Blush & Bashful

Of course, the decor must be pink and pink. All the mauves and magentas along with floral patterned tablecloths set the scene for the girliest fanciest party. I LOVE the mix-matched candle sticks. Several different heights of silver, brass, and crystal along the middle of the table are a great centerpiece with the beautiful flowers. They could be real or fake, but I would certainly stick with "southern" stems. Hydrangeas, peonies, carnations, and of course, magnolias. Can't forget the babies' breath like Shelby wore in her hair!

The Only Thing That Separates Us From the Animals is Our Ability to Accessorize.

You'll need to be sure your guests are down with the dress code. I think the best part of this video is that everyone in attendance is wearing 80s glam that would have been worn in the movie. Think dresses or outfits that would have made Dolly jealous!


@chzgal Drink your juice Shelby 💅🏽 #fyp #steelmagnolias #birthdaytheme #birthday #80s #80sbaby #80skid #80smovies #blushandbashful ♬ original sound - Ashley Event & Travel Planner

The cherry on top would most definitely be if you are able to find someone who can re-create the famous red velvet armadillo cake! Throw in some Steel Magnolias trivia games, a "Drink your juice, Shelby" cocktail, and you are all set for the best party ever.

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