The pandemic took away several local Tri-State events and while some will be back, one significant event will not be returning this year and it may not return for some time.

The Battle of Sacramento Civil War re-enactment is postponed for 2021. The last event took place two years ago with low attendance. The Battle has been a McLean County staple every May bringing in tourists, history lovers, and school children since the mid 1990's.

According to our friends at Eyewitness News, Battle Chairman Wendell Miller says not as many reenactors are participating and that the younger generation aren't replacing older reenactors who are retiring. Miller also says the battle itself may not return and other events, festivals may take its place in the future.

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The Battle of Sacramento occurred on December 28th, 1861 during the first year of the Civil War. The entire atmosphere around the battlefield, the camp sites, and the several crafts are always all in and I hope this historic event can find its way back not only as a crucial part of the town's tourism but also for the educational opportunity for schools around Western Kentucky.


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