Surprise! A young couple, taking their Butler County High School prom pictures, got an unexpected visitor and what happens next is hilarious!

Sheila McCormick

Something happened during this couple's prom photo shoot that they won't soon forget.

Bailey Collins and Nate Henderson are both students at Butler County High School. As with all couple's, you want to cement the event with those obligatory pictures to mark the occasion. As the parents were snapping away, a surprise visitor entered the screen, with what we'll call a smelly surprise!

What they didn't know is that Shiloh, Bailey's 11 week-old pit bull puppy, was behind them in what became an epic photo-bomb.

Bailey's Mom, Sheila said that everyone was laughing, including the couple. She went on to add, "Nate‘s mother was the one that noticed it on her camera first and it turns out we both have the same shot. What a hilarious memory from your high school prom".


Sheila McCormick

The sweet couple, who have a sense of humor, went on to have a wonderful time at prom. Of course, there were many other beautiful photos taken, but I think they'll keep that one in the photo album. Here they are minus little Shiloh.

Sheila McCormick
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