That rest stop in the median on the Western Kentucky Parkway at Beaver Dam is really a service area. And I have sorely missed it.

Rest stops only come complete with restrooms, vending machines, picnic tables, and brochures. They're highly useful, but they're not like a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, and gas pumps.

And that was the Beaver Dam res...uh, service area, and I hated to see it go.

So, as you might imagine, I'm very happy to hear that it is RETURNING!!

WPSD/Paducah reports that, according to Kentucky State Senator Danny Carroll, January 2018 is a target date for a return to business as usual for the Beaver Dam service area.

Well, not TOTALLY as usual. Arby's will not be back. Instead, the all new service area will be a Huck's Food and Fuel Gas Station.

No word yet on renovations--and I guess those would have to move quickly if the new owners are eyeing January--but now that we know it plans to re-open, we'll keep an eye on the progress.

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