Angel Here!  Today is National Single Moms Day but I am celebrating all single parents!  I traveled this road both with my own mom for years and as a mother myself.  It's not an easy job but so worth it-->

I remember it well 1988, I was 8 years old, living on a huge horse farm, with my own horse, tons of land to play on, animals of all sorts, and my parents were married.  In the same year my whole world would turn upside down.  My parents divorced and my mom and I moved into a tiny duplex with my older brother and his son.  I had to sell my horse and get rid of my other animals.  We moved to a new town where I knew no one!  My life seemed like it was ending, but I don't remember thinking how hard it must have been on my momma.  She began working multiple jobs to take care of me.  She never stopped.  We picked up and moved to Toledo, Ohio, where another brother lived with his family.  There mom worked multiple jobs.  We struggled.  I remember some nights laying in bed listening to her cry and hearing her ask God to take care of us and give her strength.

He always provided for us.  No we never had the nicest house or car but we had each other.  My mom was my very best friend.  She made sure I dressed nice, participated in things other kids did, and she worked her fingers to the bone to provide for me.  Momma always told me to make sure I finished college she said "no one can take your education from you" she wanted me to be able to provide for myself and my own children.  I remember thinking I won't let that happen to me, I will have a husband who takes care of us.


Fast Forward 20 years and I was in the exact same place my momma was.  A 28 year old single mom with two little boys.  IT WAS NOT EASY!  My mom had passed away the year before.  Most of my family lived hours away and I had no support system.  I was completely alone except for God.  When he was all I had I realized he was all I needed!  And so I found myself crying and asking God to provide and take care of me and my boys just like I had heard my mom do.  HE DID!  He brought people in my life exactly when I needed them and he also taught me tough lessons (I think I probably just made them tough).

I started to realize the sacrifices made by my mom sleepless nights, extra work, worry about bills, food, and sometimes being totally lonely.  Being a single parent pushed me to my limits, it made me strong, it broke me down, but it never took me totally out!

If I had the option to go back and change it I wouldn't.  I learned to rely on the Lord, I found my identity (it was not in a man), I got special time with my boys I may not have had otherwise, and I enjoyed my quiet time ALONE!

I learned to let others help me and discovered it really does take a village to raise a child.  I am completely blessed by all those along the way that helped my mom with me and those people that came alongside me and helped me through.

If you are a single parent reading this and struggling or even if you doing great...DON'T GIVE UP, you are awesome, you can do it!  When all else fails eat cereal for dinner, let the kids wear their pajamas to school, and laugh at all your mistakes!  One day you will look back and miss this time.

Now I am blessed to have an amazing husband who walks this life with me and helps keep me sane.  I am super thankful to have him and I appreciate him all the more having experienced single parent life.


To the world you may only be one person, but to your kids you are their world!  KEEP PUSHING!

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