Well, there's only one way to described her career.  Tremendous.  Lisa Sims, a Daviess County Public Schools Food Services Director, has officially announced her retirement.  She will officially wrap up her career on Thursday, October 1st, after a school nutrition services career which has spanned 31 years.

Lisa joined the Daviess County Public School system back in 1990. Her first position with DCPS was Cafeteria Manager at Daviess County HIgh School.  After a few years, she moved to the Diocese of Owensboro (in 1997).  There she took over the role of Food Service Director.  She came home to DCPS two years later, in 1999, when she was hired as the district's Food Services Director.

In addition to her role at DCPS, Sims is also past president of and a member of the Kentucky School Nutrition Association.  Back in 2010, she was the recipient of the President's Leadership Award for Exceptional Accomplishments.  According to a news release from DCPS, that award is "the highest honor given to individuals by the national association and is presented to state presidents who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership."

Among Sim's other accomplishments, she was invited to make a presentation to Congress in Washington, D.C. on "implementing healthier nutrition standards to school meals."  She has also introduced innovative programs such as “Breakfast in the Classroom” and launched an initiative to keep students fed, every single day since March 13th when DCPS sent students home due to COVID-19.

As I mentioned above, Lisa has enjoyed a tremendous career- one of service, dedication, innovation and nutrition.

Sims has been married to her husband Steve for 43 years. They have three children – Alan, Jessica and Nick – and six grandchildren.  Starting October 1st, she's going to be getting a lot of quality time with those grandbabies.  And she's most certainly earned it.

Congratulations, Lisa and Happy Retirement!

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