Have I ever told you how much of a fan I am of a really good hamburger? Even if you didn't know me, I doubt I'm knocking anyone over with a feather with that revelation. Most people--maybe close to EVERYONE--likes a really good hamburger.

Kentucky Burgers

But I happen to be in Owensboro, and that's where Burger Week will take center stage March 1st through the 9th. Restaurants and food trucks citywide will go the extra mile and create unique and extraordinary burgers to be judged at the end of the week-plus-long event. And all us consumers will reap the rewards.

I would love to see some of these concoctions wind up as permanent, or at least recurrent menu items. And if that were to happen, a list I discovered featuring the best hamburgers in Kentucky might just become Owensboro-heavy.

Until then, I'm not gonna lie; I want to visit each and every one of the ones that made the cut at Enjoy Travel. In particular, I need to get my burger-loving behind to the joints that made the top five. And guess what? I won't have to drive very far at all to enjoy #5.

5. Gary's Drive-In - Owensboro

I visited Gary's for Burger Week last year and was very impressed. However, it's the burgers Gary's Drive-In serves on a regular basis that landed the popular and longstanding Owensboro restaurant on this list. A few years ago, we featured Gary's on our website and the eatery's namesake himself, the late Gary Pickrell, joined us.

4. Pat's Snack Bar - Manchester

Located in Clay County about 25 minutes east of London KY, you'll find Manchester and Pat's Snack Bar where Enjoy Travel suggests we sink our teeth into their classic cheeseburger. Or maybe you'll try THIS "monster":

3. Bard's Burgers & Chili - Covington

It makes sense that Bard's would reach across the Ohio River for a little help creating its Cincinnati-style chili cheeseburger. And, for the record, chili burgers are a shortcut to my heart. Apparently, the burgers at Bard's also warmed Food Network's ticker a few years back.

2. Dovie's - Tompkinsville

Dovie's has an open secret...soybean oil. It gives their burgers that soft, desirable texture that fans keeping coming back for. Enjoy Travel recommends we order it "unsquozed" to lock in all those juices.

1. Holy Grale - Louisville

We have reached the Holy Grail of the Kentucky best burgers list and, appropriately enough, it's the HOLY GRALE. While it prides itself on a mind-boggling beer selection, Holy Grale or Gralehaus wouldn't have achieved this lofty perch without a spectacular burger to accompany your brew of choice.

Were you even thinking about a Kentucky burger for your 2024 itinerary? No? Are you now? Yes, I thought so.

After writing this, you might just see me along the way. Somebody get me a burger.

And now, for another take...

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