I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Okay, so maybe I don't scream when I eat good ice cream--my eyes might roll back in my head, though--but it is a unique type of joy when someone hits perfection creating America's favorite dessert.

I'll admit to being a snob about ice cream. I will not buy those big tubs of store brand ice cream just so I can have ice cream. But I do love seeing brands in store freezers like Jeni's and Graeter's which have shops of their own in Nashville and Louisville, respectively.

The Best Ice Cream in Kentucky

But as good as Graeter's is--Lord, don't get me started--it was not uppermost in Food Network's mind when it named its favorite ice cream in Kentucky. Just check out these flavors; my mouth AND my eyes are watering (happy tears, you see):

Yes, among all those extraordinary flavors name-checked by the narrator, it is banana pudding ice cream that has seemingly become the signature flavor at Louisville Cream. Food Network naming it the best ice cream in Kentucky in 2021 likely didn't hurt.

Louisville Cream's Banana Pudding Ice Cream Is Food Network's Favorite

To be honest, I've never been quite sure what "premium small batch ice cream" means, but I do know it's a phrase that appears on the windows of some wonderful ice cream parlors. And Louisville Cream kicks it up a notch with a rotating assortment of house-made pastries and partnerships with nearby local bakeries:

Louisville Cream opened in 2014 in the city's hip East Market District known as NuLu. And while a visit to this VERY cool neighborhood comes highly recommended, you don't have to go to Louisville Cream to enjoy banana pudding, strawberry cookies & cream, key lime pie, or any of the other magnificent varieties. Louisville Cream ice cream appears on the menus of six different restaurants. Plus, pints of it are available at several area supermarkets.

Hey, when you're ice cream is this good, you make sure as many people as possible can get their hands on it.

[SOURCE: Louisville Courier-Journal]

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