Because I still have "scars" from my youth regarding Easter eggs, I'll share some advice with you. Only hide real Easter eggs OUTSIDE. That way it won't matter if you forget where you hid them all, and they can just rot to their hearts' content. (I forgot about one I hid behind the piano, and Mom was NONE too happy with me.)

Easter egg hunts are more fun outside, anyway, and the bigger the better. I'd imagine the lawn at the State Capitol in Frankfort will provide ample opportunity for hiding TONS of eggs. And if you forget about them? Well, I'm sure there will plenty of birds of prey or snakes that will thank you.

Easter at the Kentucky State Capitol With the First Family

This Saturday, March 23rd, the south lawn of the State Capitol in Frankfort will be loaded with Easter eggs. In fact, it looks like--based on this report from 2023--that there will be SO many eggs that all you'll need to do is watch your step:

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But it's far more than just colorful eggs. The annual First Family Easter Egg Hunt will also feature crafts for the kids and face painting. Plus there will be some amazing food trucks, as well, so bring your appetite. And, of course, you couldn't have a big old Easter egg hunt without an appearance by the Easter Bunny.

Just like last year, Governor Andy Beshear and his family will be on hand for the festivities as will Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman. By the way, here are a few examples from the Brenneman & Bucks Farm Sweet G's Ice Cream truck:

An Easter egg hunt with Kentucky's First Family plus banana pudding sundaes and mango Dole whip?

Hmmm, I might not be able to get there fast enough.

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