With Mother's Day just around the corner--this Sunday, May 8th--I thought it would be a neat idea to share some of the things I've done with my mother on "her" day over the years. And, if you were at a loss about what you and your mom can do this Sunday, hopefully these suggestions will sound good to you.


Since my dad passed away, I've made sure that my calendar is empty on Mother's Day so that I can be at her disposal, if necessary. My mom grew up in Owensboro, so one of the things we've done over the years is visit some of her old homes. And in doing so, I've learned quite a bit; my mother really moved around a lot when she was young. Remarkably, all of the homes in which she lived as a child are still standing today, albeit in varying conditions. Mom is a big genealogy buff, so we take pictures and apply them to various books she keeps about her family. If your mother was born and raised in Owensboro, maybe she'd like to visit some of the places of her youth. It really is a lot of fun for Mom, and for me, too, as I learn something new all the time on these little junkets.



Naturally, Mother's Day screams "brunch." And there are a couple of restaurants we have visited through the years that offer terrific selections. Ironically, both involve the name "Miller." One is Windy Hollow Restaurant & Museum, 8260 Hwy 81, immediately south of Owensboro. It was once located up by Windy Hollow Lake on Windy Hollow Road before a fire completely destroyed the building. Thankfully, general managers Hal and Deanna Miller were able to save many of the incredible museum pieces that were always a trademark of the restaurant, and you can see them today in the new location. And then there's the food! It's some of the best good old country breakfast food I've ever put in my mouth. And when we go out there it's  always packed. Everyone loves Windy Hollow. If you've never been, I bet you will too.



But, as I said, there's another Miller in town that's just as perfect for Mother's Day brunch. The Miller House at 301 E. 5th Street  is one of Owensboro's newest restaurants located in one of its oldest establishments--it was built in 1905. Because The Miller House has a lot of history, it's fun to just look around while you wait for your food. And there's even some fascinating history on the menu. Now, I don't know if molasses pie is always available, but when I had a piece there one time, I learned that the recipe for the pie was found in the wall of the home when it was being restored. That is so cool! And your experience at The Miller House will be, too. Think about it this Mother's Day.



And, weather permitting (an important phrase these days), how about a picnic? One Mother's Day we rounded up the family, a big ol' basket full of food, and headed out to Panther Creek Park on Wayne Bridge Road. Granted, there could be some high water issues in those parts, so please check before going. But hopefully, you'll get the all-clear and can enjoy a terrific meal outdoors with your mom at one of Daviess County's most beautiful parks. In addition to the lakes and the baseball diamonds, Panther Creek Park offers multiple gazebos and shelters as well as walking bridges, elevated walkways, an old one-room schoolhouse, and a caboose. If a picnic is the plan, I'd check out Panther Creek Park.



And, finally, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your mom would love you to join her for church services. Most all of them pay tributes to mothers on Mother's Day. I remember when I was a kid, our church would recognize all the moms in the congregation and then single out the oldest  mother and the newest  mother in attendance. And then later you can treat her to lunch. Come to think of it, you can combine all of these ideas into one huge celebration of your mom this Sunday. I hope you and your mom and your whole family have a very happy Mother's Day.

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