I have no data, at hand, to back this up, but I'd be willing to bet that more Americans use debit/credit cards than cash these days.

We're all about convenience.

Back in the spring, Eyewitness News reported the discovery of a card skimmer at a bank's ATM in Evansville.

In other words, too close to home.

That sent me to CreditCards.com to know what to look for if I need to use an ATM or use my card at a gas pump. You just can't be too careful, so I check, now that I know how.

But now, no less than the SECRET SERVICE is warning Americans of a surge in card skimming in the U.S.

ABC News says that the Secret Service just recovered 59 skimmers during a weekend sweep.

That's an alarming discovery rate, seeing as how 85 locations in 21 states were checked.

And some skimmers operate via Bluetooth, meaning the perpetrator doesn't have to return and pick up the skimmer in question.

Pretty scary stuff.

Keep that CreditCards.com link handy and have a safe and happy holiday AND summer.



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