For those of you who have never visited Chaney's Dairy Barn in Bowling Green KY, I can assure you that I do not need to twist your arm to visit.

If it was JUST the ice cream, I still wouldn't. Yes, that IS the drawing card, but there's so much to do when you get to Chaney's. You can ride--hayride-style--down to the big barn where the milking machines go to town on Chaney's Dairy Barn's cattle, and it is a fascinating watch. That cream is then transported to the main facility and converted into some of the best ice cream you will ever put in your mouth. And the flavor varieties are FIRE.

We took a spin around the farm a few years ago. Take a look:

I will continue, but if you've already hopped in the SUV and are planning to break laws to get to Chaney's and put Moo Pie (seen above) in your face, I'm not surprised.

Weekends are big business at Chaney's Dairy Barn, and business figures to get even bigger this weekend with the arrival of the Big Banana Car.

This Saturday and Sunday, your invitation to ride the Big Banana Car comes with the request to pay "what works for you," wear yellow socks, and bring a car seat if necessary.

The Big Banana Car is the brainchild of Steve Braithwaite, who spent two years converting an old pickup truck into a smile-inducing machine that he drives everywhere he can to make people happy.

If your goal in life is to drive a banana-shaped car around the country to make people smile, you have WON the game of life. And we'd give Steve the trophy, but he's already driving it.

The Big Banana Car will park at Chaney's Dairy Barn Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th from noon until dark.

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