Unless I've missed a few, I'm just now starting to see Black Friday ads. I've talked to plenty of folks who don't waste even a second on the busiest shopping day of the year.

And I have to be honest...it's actually really interesting to hear their plans.

Or should I say plans of ATTACK! ("Attack" in a good way, of course.)

I always have the same Black Friday blueprint.

I begin the day at Shoe Stop and end with the Pogue Automotive Group.

And, in between, I try to get in a quick nap while everyone else is out pounding the pavement for the best deals.

But there are those who seem to lay it all out on some kind of time chart.

You know, like, at 8PM we'll start in Evansville. Then we'll head back over to Owensboro and go to Wal-Mart.

Then we'll hit Target and Kohl's and the mall and the other Wal-Mart and then Academy and...

It's really fascinating.

Tell me...do YOU have a game plan already in place for Black Friday? Or do you play it by ear?

I'd be curious to know.

Meanwhile, I'll be napping.

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