I've gotten a lot of drive-thru meals in my life; more than I should, but that's not the point. Even before the pandemic, folks who work in the fast food environment are some of the hardest working employees out there. We sometimes lose sight when waiting in line inside or outside for our orders, thus the term "fast food".

I'm one for good customer service. However, at a fast food place, it's key but not always noticed, in that it's hard to have an interaction that isn't about paying, maybe saying a few niceties (or not), and then driving away. We may not realize that the employee helping us will occasionally go above and beyond for the best customer service.

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Meet Carson, who works at the Ritzy's out on Highway 54 here in Owensboro. He recently went above and beyond in a unique way.

"This is Carson. A customer came through the drive-thru recently and left their wallet at home. Carson was kind enough to offer to pay for their food. The customer then brought him back the money that was paid, plus a tip for being kind. Ritzy's is proud to employ kind-hearted people, and to serve equally kind-hearted customers! Being a local business is our favorite, and we hope this story brightens your day!"


If there's one thing I panic about at a drive-thru is whether I have enough money or whether the scenario above happens. I would think the restaurant wouldn't want to waste food, if you knew how much food is wasted at restaurants every year, your jaw would drop. However, Carson's offer to pay for the customer's food in a pinch is different and it's special. I'm sure there is an "employee training" answer to this situation, but sometimes the rule book has to be thrown out.

Just think and thank the employee(s) the next time you are in a rush or you are "hangry" at a drive-thru. Those cost nothing and they mean everything.

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