Last night, I returned to the WBKR studios to retrieve a power strip that I had used at a live broadcast location. As I approached the back door, I looked down and noticed this little guy, well, gal dangling from a web constructed between the lower part of the door and the outside wall. Upon further inspection, I noticed the chilling and tell-tale red hourglass mark on its belly.Now, I've recently detailed my disdain for snakes; I'm kind of okay with spiders so long as I know they can't send me to the emergency room. And a black widow could. And they are much bigger than I remember. It was about ten years ago that I was coming out the back door and looked down and saw one. It was already dead, but it was enough to provoke a call to an exterminator. Don't want those things congregating, if you know what I mean. And there could be more. I hope not. I recall an episode of that old reality series Rescue 911 in which a woman in Las Vegas was doing some cleaning around the house and got bitten by one and went into shock. Of course I don't need video to clue me in that you don't mess with these things, but it sure does help reinforce the point.

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