Blake Shelton is a double dipper…when it comes to the delicious bowl of stuff in which you sink a chip. The double dip move, which is an etiquette no-no, is how Shelton gets to keep all the dip to himself. It's an art that the singer has mastered.

“I like any kind of dip," the singer and coach of 'The Voice,' who went home with wife Miranda Lambert to see her family this holiday season, said. 'Anything that you can dip a chip in—ranch, cheese, salsa—and [Miranda's] mom knows that so there’s always like six different kinds of dip."

Six types of dip? What a spread! Even with a half-dozen variations of dip, Shelton doesn't want to share. "I found out if you double dip, then other people stay out of it," Shelton admitted.

You know, he does have a point there. Double dipping might make some guests at parties, holiday and beyond, cringe, but Blake doesn’t care. He wants more, more, more.

However, we are left to wonder if some guests can ignore the sneaky double dip move, as long as he is not sticking his fingers in the stuff.

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