If anyone can get a secret out of a celebrity, it's Ellen DeGeneres. The comedienne and talk show host has a sly way of getting people to talk, so when Blake Shelton was asked if he and Miranda Lambert would be reproducing soon, he answered.

Unfortunately, it isn't the answer that country fans are anxious to hear -- Baby Shelton-Lambert may be a while yet. In an 'Ellen' episode airing Monday (Sept. 8), DeGeneres got right to the point: "Now, Blake, are you going to be reproducing soon?"

His fellow 'The Voice' co-stars were sitting on the hot seat with him, and at the question, Gwen Stefani clapped her hands, chanting, "Do it! Do it!"

"Um, I mean. No," Shelton answers amidst lots of laughter from his peers.

"I respect that," DeGeneres says with a sneaky grin on her face.

When the show airs, fans will be able to see if there was more to the 'Honey Bee' hitmaker's answer than just the abrupt no, like if he and Lambert have a baby timeline they're willing to share.

Baby fever has been infecting the country music world lately; Carrie Underwood recently announced her good news, and Holly Williams made her announcement in May. Plus, everyone's still swooning over Kelly Clarkson's new baby River Rose and Dierks Bentley's baby boy Knox -- his third child, but first boy.

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