We have an update this afternoon to a story we shared yesterday here at WBKR.

Perry County Coroner Warren Taylor has been able to identify a body that was found last Monday in Rome, Indiana.  According to a news release sent to WBKR earlier today, "the remains are those of Stephanie Black of New Albany, Indiana."  The coroner's office was able to obtain Ms. Black's dental records, which ultimately confirmed her identity.

Ms. Black's remains were found on April 6th and officials with the Perry County Coroner's Office had been working to but had been unable to positively identify her.  However, working in conjunction with the Perry County Sheriff's Department, the Tell City Police Department, the Indiana State Police, the Clark County Coroner's Office and Dr. James Jacobi, they were finally able to make positive identification and identify the decedent's family.

Black was last seen on February 10th of this year in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her case was initially investigated by the Louisville Metro Police Department and was shared and detailed on the Kentucky Missing Persons Facebook page.

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