Today is National Kindergarten Day.  We want to celebrate by remembering those special teachers who gave us our start in elementary school.

Angel here and I still remember and have contact with my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Searcy, from Calhoun Elementary School.  Can I say I am pretty sure it is like a right of passage that Kindergarten teachers don't age even a bit?  Mrs. Searcy looks exactly like I remember her at five years old.  She was strict and loving and kept my talkative, sassy butt in line.  I just recall her being like superwoman for real.  Our class had a bunch of chatty and very busy kiddos and her classroom ran like a well-oiled machine.  Two of my favorite memories were our Thanksgiving program and making our outfits out of paper grocery bags and the day we got to perform like we were in the circus at the end of the year.  I was a gymnast.  Mrs. Searcy set the tone for my schooling after leaving her I would switch schools 12 times.  I always wished I could go back to her classroom it was a safe place for me.  Fast forward 30 something years and I run into her in McLean county and without a doubt, she knew exactly who I was and hugged my neck.  It made me feel so special.  I even got the chance to give her praise when I emceed the McLean County Pageants several years ago.  I was reminiscing my time living there and my ties.  She sent me this message the next day:

So sorry I missed our county pageants last week. I heard you did an excellent job!! I saw a friend of mine at the post office yesterday. She said you mentioned me and I was truly touched. I knew when you were in kindergarten you were a very special little girl and you would do great things. I also loved your sweet mother. I am so proud of you an outstanding radio host, a loving mother to such sweet kiddos, a devoted wife, and a beautiful lady!! I couldn't be more proud. Thanks so much for your kind words-it made my day!!

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She continues to boost my confidence and prepare me for the world all these years later.  The mark of an incredible teacher.  My Tucker had one pretty darn amazing K teacher too.  Ms. Tiffany Hoffman or Hoffman as Tuck calls her.  She is the coolest teacher.  I mean not like others.  She has a way with her students.  She literally gets to know all the inmost parts of them what makes them tick.  She takes the time to really learn them.  Tucker still talks about his love for her and when he sees her at school he lights up and I often notice she walks him out when I pick him up.  Tuck struggles in class with attention and being called on and she knew this.  She helped him in so many different ways.  She set the foundations for years to come and we are forever grateful for her.

Did you have a Kindergarten teacher that changed your life?  One that you remember more than anyone else?  Tell us about them at the WBKR Facebook page.

Celebrating National Kindergarten Day

Today is National Kindergarten Day. We want to celebrate by remembering those special teachers who gave us our start in elementary school.


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