Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to every year. In fact, I’ve looked so forward to it this year, that I have already put up our Christmas tree. I don’t have all of the other decorations up YET, but they'll be up soon. And yes, just like every year, I WILL leave my Christmas decorations up way too long. Is March too long? I take the decorations off of the tree. Just the lights are ok, right?

I'm always watching the outdoor Christmas decoration competition shows, envious of their skills. But, I always wished there was a Christmas home makeover show, for the inside too, to help people like me who have little or no clue what they're doing when it comes to decorating for Christmas, or at all. Netflix has granted my holiday wish. And, in a strange coincidence, the show is hosted by a man from the Tristate. Benjamin William Bradley was born and raised in Boonville and studied interior design at Purdue.

The Netflix original series, Holiday Home Makeovers with Mr. Christmas, premiers in a week. I’m so excited.

The official trailer looks like so much fun. Take a look!

I love everything about this. The series looks like it is going to be a huge hit. Benjamin and his team are fabulous.

You might be asking yourself how somebody from Boonville, IN, ends up with a holiday design show on Netflix? Well, it all started with a gift from his mother.

...cylindrical lamp, decorated with Santa and his sleigh; heat from a bulb inside set the image spinning as if by magic. Mr. Bradley learned years later that the gift he’d been given was a rare Econolite motion lamp.

Later, on holiday break from Purdue University, he received a copy of a reference work, “Christmas Collectibles” by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer.

With those gifts, he passion for everything Christmas, especially Santa, was ignited.

 interview with the New York TimesMr. Christmas
design firm in NYC

Congratulations Benjamin, it looks like you will be Mr. Christmas for seasons to come!!

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