We're all familiar with the dangers to children and animals if they're left in a hot, close-up car in the summer.

Today, I learned of another hazard related to hot cars this time of year.

Bottled water.

Yes, that's right. Left in a hot car with the sun beating down, bottled water exposed to that sunlight can create a fire hazard.

Guilty as charged, friends. Although, to be honest, I had no idea this was a thing until today.

But when you think about it, it makes sense.

Much the same way that you can start a fire by using your eyeglasses or a magnifying glass, bottled water's inherent hazard is its ability to refract light.

Disclose.TV reports on a guy who saw smoke coming out of a parked car. It was eventually determined that a bottle of water caught the sunlight in just the right way and ignited a fire on the car seat.

I'm learning that this happens way more than any of us would think. And I can believe that since, again, I was :"today years old" when I found out this could occur.

If you like to keep bottled water in your car for whatever reason, please keep it out of the sun.

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