Thanks to social media, there have been a lot of new trends with food. New recipes, products to try, and even food mashups. There are a few new mashups that have been circulating the internet lately involving pickles that have a lot of people talking.

I think we can honestly blame TikTok for a lot of these new food trends. Some of these ideas that have been put out there sound pretty good, others not so much. Then, there are some that make you wonder how good it really is. One new food trend that I have recently heard about involves modifying your pickles to add a little extra flavor to them.

Now, let me start off by saying that I am not a pickle fan at all. So to me, all of these creations sound gross. That being said, apparently, a lot of people are loving these new pickle mashups circulating on social media. There are four pickle concoctions that I have heard of lately that have created a little buzz on the internet: taco pickles, ranch pickles, Kool-Aid pickles, and Fruit Roll-Up pickles.

Let's start with Fruit Roll-Up pickles. This is the only one where I know someone who has personally tried this mashup...several times. My girlfriend is a big fan of this mashup after trying it. She says that it works best with a whole pickle, not pickle spheres. Also, Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups work best according to her. You can see what I am talking about in the video below:

Next up, taco pickles. This one is pretty interesting actually. I especially like the name that these people gave this mashup, "Tickles". Essentially, they are just taco-flavored pickles. Check them out by clicking here.

And finally, Kool-Aid flavored pickles. It's the same concept as the taco and ranch-flavored pickles only with Kool-Aid. This one has actually been around a while but has recently resurfaced with the help of Tik Tok.


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