Those little brass doohickeys on a Boy Scout's neckerchief? They're called slides. Now they're being REcalled.

I couldn't begin to list the items I came in contact with as a child that may have contained lead.

There was just stuff we didn't know.

Well, it's 2018. And now we know stuff.

A seemingly harmless little item that, I'm sure, doesn't get a second thought past what it represents regarding a Boy Scout's rank may no longer be as harmless as we think.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the colored enamel on these slides "contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban."

Wherever you get these neckerchief slides, just take the one your Boy Scout has back and you'll get a free replacement.

Geez, I remember sitting at the kitchen table and painting my old toy cars--the ones I had, more or less, stopped caring about--for hours on end.

That paint that I used--in those tiny little jars--must have contained lead. I guess I'm pretty fortunate.



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