She was last seen nearly two months ago.  But reports this evening indicate that Joelle Lockwood, who disappeared July 9th from the streets of Evansville, has been found.


14 WFIE Evansville tweeted the breaking news just before 7pm CST this evening and the story continues to develop.  According to initial reports, Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth confirms that Lockwood is in the custody of investigators from the Evansville Police Department.

Joelle Lockwood's disappearance made national news when another tristate woman, Kristy Kelley of Boonville, was reported missing on Friday, August 15th.  The two shared striking similarities that caught the attention of national media outlets like People, Nancy Grace and The Huffington Post.

As details of Joelle's whereabouts are becoming clear this evening, the search for Kristy Kelley continues.

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