If you are a big fan of waterfalls and love hitting the backroads looking for them, then you can't do much better than a road trip in Kentucky.

Kentucky Waterfalls

And now, with the introduction of Kentucky Wildlands to the Commonwealth, that just got a whole lot easier...and a whole lot more fun. The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail Guide is invaluable information for those who want to consolidate multiple falls into one trip. And since they're all in eastern Kentucky, it wouldn't be a difficult journey.

But there's is a waterfall that is not on the list, and that might be because it is someone hidden, although accessible. It's called Broke Leg Falls, and it's in Wellington KY, which is in Menifee County.

Kentucky's Broke Leg Falls -- a True Hidden Gem

The videographer in this clip takes us on a scenic tour of the site, but if you want to skip ahead to Broke Leg Falls, it's at the 4:30 mark:

What to Expect at Broke Leg Falls

Alltrails.com tells us the trail to the falls is only 0.3 miles long and about a 7-minute walk. Easy-peasy. But wait, there's more according to hiking enthusiasts:

Unmarked trail under the falls against the rock wall. Follow it all the way through the key hole to another set of falls!! - Cathy McCune

The trail actually continues a significant distance if you cross behind the waterfall. We went about half a mile before turning back. If you continue on you'll find quite a bit of scrambling and overgrowth. - Patrick Smith

And then a word to the wise, which I've heard is sufficient:

Seems "simple" but the trail behind the falls can be treacherous & narrow. - Esther Buxton

Tornado Debris Marks the Scenery at Broke Leg Falls

Most definitely, visitors should proceed with caution beyond where the walkway has been constructed. Here's a view from a different angle:

Now, when you go, you'll see a lot of debris left over from a powerful 2012 tornado which tossed a bunch of junk into the falls area. But it doesn't seem to have deadened interest in Broke Leg Falls, which was a thriving tourist attraction until the early 1960s when the Mountain Parkway was constructed. It fell into ruins, basically, and was ignored until Menifee County purchased the property in 2002 and began maintaining it.

And now seekers of natural beauty have made it a must-see attraction in eastern Kentucky, along with the many other falls the Bluegrass State has to offer.

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