A new safety campaign aimed at drivers putting down their phones and buckling up before they take off has begun in Kentucky. It's called "Buckle Up Phone Down".

As of Monday, October 7th, preliminary numbers indicate there have been 576 fatalities this year so far up 21 from this time in 2018. About 220 of those fatalities were not wearing seatbelts and 120 were due to distracted driving. In 2017, there were 782 driving fatalities in the state.

This is the first time the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is using media and a new website dedicated to promoting the initiative.

The site contains testimonials warning of the dangers of distracted and unrestrained driving.

According to the KOHS, distracted driving results in more than 50,000 crashes (!!!), more than 15,000 injuries, and approximately 200 fatalities each year in Kentucky.

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