It's a 21st-century cliche' (or exclusively 2020) but you can really buy anything on Amazon. You can buy a 5-room cabin, yes, and there's a catch.

It's a DIY, in other words, it's a build it yourself. Family project anyone? And this is not your run of the mill tiny house, it's not huge, but it's 540 square feet with a 218 square foot loft.

The Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit is available in 3 or 5 room options. The walls are a little over 8 feet tall. The material is Nordic Wood which can be painted. One caveat, the appliances, and fixtures, such as a toilet, shower, stove, are not included in the purchase price. But this way, you can design each space how you want.

Since it's Amazon, shipping for the cabin is free. Here are more views.

Allwood DIY Five Room Cabin

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