As we continue to make our way through the first part of 2024, there is no shortage of information about restaurants, events, and general happenings that we're excited to experience in the new year. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's take a quick look back on 2023 - in particular, the stuff that we've been looking at online.

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A web design company called Digital Silk did the research and analyzed the top 100 websites across the U.S. in 2023. They then used Google Keyword Planner to find out how much each site is searched. That data was then narrowed down to the online search habits of each state. Below you'll find the five websites Indiana residents searched for the most last year.

5. Yahoo - 33,100 average monthly searches


I was surprised to see Yahoo on this list, especially in the top five. I realize there was a time when Yahoo was one of the go-to sites for a lot of different reasons, but I thought those days were gone.

4. YouTube - 33,716 average monthly searches


Heck, I feel like a majority of those numbers could have come from me alone. I probably search on YouTube than just about any other site on this list.

3. Walmart - 34,333 average monthly searches

Walmart Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
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I rarely visit, but I do find myself using the Walmart app just about every time I visit the store. More than anything, I use it to help me find products. I find it interesting that Walmart is the only result in the top five that isn't "just" a website, like Yahoo or YouTube.

2. Google - 50,416 average monthly searches

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I fully expected to see Google at the top of this list. The term "Google" is synonymous with searching, right?

1. Amazon - 78,625 average monthly searches

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I would not be surprised if my wife's name were near the top of the list of Hoosiers searching on Amazon each month. I have the bank statements and the perpetually full online cart to prove it.

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