I just saw the trailer from the documentary movie "Bully" unfortunately that's how it is in schools across the country and has happened to many many households, even in mine. Because of bullying I've watched my son feel bad about himself , keep to himself and overall just feel sad a lot. And if you're a concerned parent like I am please talk with your children if you see a drop in grades or your child doesn't act happy like they once did, something needs to be done!

Bullying is a very serious situation, the stats show that 13 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year, even deaths has been caused over bullying that number need to go down to ZERO! This new movie coming out has received an "R" rating so that means a lot of young kids who need to see it won't because of the "R" rating. I don't think it's right, do you?!?


Click here to sign a petition to to get a PG-13 rating instead of an R rating so this important film can be seen by as many kids and adults as possible.

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