Well here is some good news to share about the Hoosier state, and I'm so glad that I figured out it was good news. At first, I completely misunderstood the results of this report, and I was preparing to write about how bad the bullying problem is in Indiana. Thankfully, the opposite is true here - according to this report, there are only six other states with fewer bullying problems than Indiana. But what does that really mean?

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WalletHub just released a report ranking 2023's States with the Biggest Bullying Problems, and I'm excited to say that Indiana is ranked #42 on the list (out of 48 states). The results were not so favorable for California, which was at the top of the list - a place you don't want to be in this particular case. The rest of the Tri-State area didn't score too badly, landing near the middle of the pack - Kentucky ranks #26, and Illinois came in at #29.

Photo by Road Ahead on Unsplash
Photo by Road Ahead on Unsplash

How Were The States Graded?

WalletHub looked at three different aspects of bullying...

  1. Bullying Prevalence: This has to do with the amount of bullying and cyberbullying incidents, and the amount of physical violence associated with these incidents. Indiana ranked #34 in this category.
  2. Bullying Impact & Treatment: Metrics in this category include the number of students who missed school because of bullying, the cost of truancy for schools due to bullying, and others. Indiana ranked #28 in this category.
  3. Anti-Bullying Laws: This category addresses how states and schools are addressing and dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. Indiana ranked #35 in this category.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, or if you just want to learn more about how to deal with bullying, the Indiana Department of Education provides a number of free resources and information.

There is, obviously, a lot more to this report, and if this kind of thing is the least bit interesting to you, I would highly recommend you READ THE FULL REPORT for yourself. At the very least, you can scroll over the map below to see how the rest of the country scored.

Source: WalletHub

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