It's National Bullying Prevention Month, and, I'm guessing, most would think that the bullying epidemic just involves children. Well, that isn't the case. Adults, sadly, get in on the act.

We've just seen an incident in Wisconsin regarding a nasty e-mail to a local television anchor. And now we have a situation in Ohio that's as horrible as anything I've ever seen.

Understand that I am furious while writing this, making it difficult to type.

That a boy would make fun of a little girl who has cerebral palsy is bad enough. But his father doing it, as well? It's reprehensible.

Of course, the man claims that he wasn't making fun of the girl, but what conclusions are we to draw after seeing him, with his son, mimicking her at a bus stop?

I guess I'd like to think that there aren't people who are THAT ugly in their behavior living in this country, but that would be naive.

Unfortunately, I know better.


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