If you haven't already, you WILL start hearing a song on WBKR called "My Boy." It's by an artist some of you may already know very well.

His name is Elvie Shane and he is from Caneyville, Kentucky--just a hop, skip, and a jump down Highway 62 in Grayson County. (Which some of you already know--especially those of you who LIVE in Grayson County.)

I actually just messaged Elvie on Facebook and asked him to forgive me for not remembering he is from right in our very own backyard.

Now, I would love to provide you with a link to the Billboard country chart but you have to have a subscription to see their charts. And the chart we use--Mediabase--is for industry folks only, but I can tell you that ON the Mediabase country chart, which updates daily, Elvie's "My Boy" takes a big 17-place leap from number 60 to number 43.

As a chart follower for nearly 40 years, I can tell you that is massively impressive AND indicative of a hit song.

But I didn't need a chart position to tell me THIS was going to be a big hit:

Isn't that awesome?

Oh and by the way, there's a TikTok video on his page that's going through the roof, and it features his breakthrough hit.

Elvie's bio information on his label's website mentions influences like Steve Earle and John Fogerty, and I can certainly hear them in his voice. It also mentions that he is a fellow Western Kentucky Hilltopper. Go TOPS!

But the main thing I hear, and the most important, is a hit song by a guy from our neck of the woods.

A big congratulations to Grayson County's and Caneyville's very own Elvie Shane. He's off and running.

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