The staff at Chuckles #31 in Owensboro got quite a surprise during their Christmas lunch.  A car crashed into the store.

Photo courtesy of Robbie Sosh
Photo courtesy of Robbie Sosh

Store officials say the customer was trying to back away from the gas pumps and accidentally hit the accelerator.  Her car then broke through the glass and slammed into the store near the fountain drink area.

Luckily, no one was injured in the accident and the driver is okay as well.  The car was towed away and the Chuckles staff worked to clean up incredible amounts of broken glass.  But . . . the Christmas celebration continued despite the brief and scary interruption.

Chuckles #31 is located at 2402 East 4th Street in Owensboro.

**Thanks to Roxianne Payne and Brandon Boling for the photos and story.  They were running errands for Christmas Wish and happened upon the scene and shared details.**

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