Well, as most of y'all know, my sweet little Carsyn just turned two years old. Along with that extra candle on the cake, she also has gained ALOT of attitude...can't imagine where that comes from!! Well, apparently, she's also gaining other emotions......I discovered this while watching Charlotte's Web for the first time last night.

I just knew Carsyn would love this movie, because she LOVES animals! Well, I was right! From the first frame, she was glued to the tv. Then.....something unexpected happened. When Wilbur goes to the Zuckerman's farm he is pretty sad and misses Fern. Well, Carsyn was sitting on my lap watching the movie. I looked at her to see if she liked it, and what I saw, I wasn't prepared for.... her little lips started frowning and that cute little bottom one was quivering....what?!? Then, the crocodile tears started flowing....yep, my baby was crying watching the movie!! I asked her why she was sad and she said, "Mommie....piggie misses his Mommie." OMG.....I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, so I did both!! (And, of course, like any good Mom, ran to get the camera so I had some proof of this!)

My sweet little girl is growing up!! And, it looks like she'll be like me....crying at phone commercials! Ha! Just when I think she can't get any more precious....

Oh...we've watched it three times since, including right now with our pancakes!!