Carsyn Rides the Receptionist [Video]
As you guys and gals likely know, Jaclyn just bought a new house and she and Carsyn got the keys to it Friday.  Jaclyn celebrated by inviting us over for a sneak peek inside and meeting with our buddy Doodle, who's going to do some work inside.  This, on the other hand, is how her 5-year-old precious little Carsyn celebrated!
Carsyn Plays Skee Ball
It was just like a scene out of The Exorcist.  Carsyn picked up an innocent little Skee Ball and hurled it across the room.  LOL!  One of the highlights of Safari Day, other than Carsyn screaming "I wanna see Jesus" and barreling across Holiday World toward the Nativity scene, was Jaclyn's little precious trying to play Skee Ball.  It was, well, a complete train wreck.  WATCH!
Win Holiday World Tickets
If you've been listening to WBKR the last week or so, you have heard Jaclyn's daughter Carsyn screaming at the top of her lungs, "I want to go to Holiday World!"  Well, we have a hunch a lot of you do too.  That's why, this week, we are giving you the chance to win tickets.  Here's how you can do it . . .
Meet Carsyn's New Puppy, Clyde!
Clyde & Carsyn  If you listen to my Midday Show, then you know how much Carsyn loves animals. Any animal... horses, bunnies, kitties, puppies and even unicorns, ha! She's been asking for a pet for a while and I finally decided that I was ready to get one. I knew that a puppy was the way to go... let's be honest, we haven't faired well with cats in the past. When I walked in to work Thursday mo
Carsyn Experiences Disney On Ice [PHOTOS]
Carsyn does not do well with characters in full costume. Just this past Monday we tried to visit the Easter Bunny...epic fail. She saw a commercial for Disney On Ice a few weeks ago and reminded me often how much she wanted to go. Being that Disney On Ice is one of my favorite childhood memories, I couldn't wait to take her! So, I shelled out the big bucks for the tickets just off the ice. I could
carsyn visits the easter bunny
As we all know, Carsyn does not do well with characters in costumes in person. We've never had a picture with Santa and just a few weeks ago, we had to leave the rodeo after being there for 30 minutes because of the clowns. So, I know what you're thinking,"You're crazy if you think she's going to take a picture with the Easter Bunny!" Haha! Well, I reaaaally thought this trip was differe
Carsyn & Rodeo Clowns [video]
Saturday night marked an event that Carsyn had been looking forward to since we went last year... the Rodeo! Last March, we went to the Muhlenberg Ag Center to see the horses and she LOVED it! She seriously has been talking about it all year, so I just knew that we would have a blast Saturday night! Well, I was wrong! Really wrong! In fact, we had to leave the rodeo about 40 minutes after being th
I Am Losing My Mind...
Well, it's 10:57pm, Sunday night and my three year-old is up... screaming. Sh&t-fit, hissy-fit, call it what you want, but, I'm losing my mind!! Before I even get started let me say that this is all my fault. I'm woman-enough to admit that. But, I've counted to ten about a hundred times in the last two hours. So, here's the deal... Carsyn REFUSES to sleep in her bed. Now, don't get me wrong, s
Carsyn Discovers Her Love For Makeup
Well, I knew if Carsyn were anything like her Momma, she would be a girly-girl. Looks like, she is, haha! For a good while now she has really been watching me put on my make-up. She always wants me to put some on her too, of course! Now, I'm not gonna let my three year-old walk around like she's on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, so she'd just get a teeny-tiny bit of blush and lip gloss. For Va
Carsyn’s Christmas 2012 Pics
I love being able to talk so much about my Carsyn on the air with y'all! (Well, as least some of you don't mind, ha!) Had some photos taken recently with my friend Britney with In Focus Photography. Little did I know poor punkin had an ear infection and a touch of RSV while I was telling her to smile pretty, ha! Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas from us to you!
Chad Feeds Jaclyn and Carsyn at Trunnell’s [Video]
Trunnell's Family Fun Acre is open and they've added some really fun new attractions this year to help youngsters "learn, play and grow!"  One new attraction is the "feed the animals" attraction that let's you get up close and personal with goats, cows, rabbits and pigs!  I recently got to hang out with the little piggies and feed them with a bottle. Watching them snort, push,
Carsyn’s Preschool Troubles
Well, it was bound to happen and I'll be honest, I'm surprised it took a whole month, ha! Carsyn got sent home with a note from her preschool teacher... and, it wasn't a good one!

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